Top Trends in SLJ's Starred Books | The 2024 Stars Issue

Conservation, intergenerational bonds, joy, concepts of home, and other standout themes in this year’s standout titles.

2024 Margaret A. Edwards Award Acceptance Speech by Neal Shusterman

Neal Shusterman, Jul 13, 2024
Neal Shusterman received the 2024 Margaret A. Edwards Award, which honors an author "for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature." The annual award is administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association and sponsored by School Library Journal. Here is his acceptance address, delivered June 30 at the ALA Annual conference held in San Diego.


Reasons to Love Libraries: 23 Notable Authors and Public Figures Share Their Joy

SLJ Staff, May 30, 2024
 They are a community’s soul, “cathedrals to who we should be as a society,” and so much more. 

Virginia Girl Scout Kate Lindley Discusses Her Year of Activism and the Importance of Fighting Book Bans | ALA Annual

Kara Yorio, Jul 11, 2024
Kate Lindley spoke to SLJ at ALA Annual, sharing the original goal of her Gold Award project, the reason fighting book banning is so important to her, and what's next for her after an extraordinary year.

Marlaina Cockcroft, Apr 04, 2024
With budgets mostly flat, book challenges and rising costs pose hurdles for school librarians.


SLJ Staff, Apr 04, 2024
The Cooperative Children’s Book Center released its latest Diversity Statistics report on children's literature, showing another year of small increases in books with BIPOC primary characters and significant BIPOC content.

SLJ Staff, Apr 03, 2024
The State of K-12 Digital Reading breaks down the data for the 2022-23 school year, showing the popularity of comics and graphic novels in the digital format plus regional differences in reading habits.

Marlaina Cockcroft, Jan 04, 2024
Children are eager listeners—of audiobooks, according to a new Library Journal / School Library Journal survey. Libraries are keeping up with the demand as formats evolve.

Kathy Ishizuka, Sep 30, 2023
Twenty-four percent of school librarians have been harassed this past year over books or displays in their library. That’s according to a recent SLJ survey, which found the rate even higher among high school librarians, 30 percent of whom have experienced harassment.

Marlaina Cockcroft, Oct 03, 2023
If graphic novels are flying off the shelves at your library, that reflects a remarkable trend: The format’s popularity has shot up at over 90 percent of school libraries in the last few years, according to a new SLJ survey.

SLJ staff, Jan 19, 2022
Those dreaded summer reading lists. For eons, teachers have been handing out assigned reading, mostly comprised of old “classics.” With this survey, SLJ and NCTE invite teachers and librarians to choose the titles you’d like culled from required reading and those books you would urge students to read instead.

Shelley Diaz, May 10, 2022
SLJ and NCTE collaborated to create 18 booklists of titles to replace, or use as a companion to, canon "classics." 

Marlaina Cockcroft, Feb 21, 2023
More librarians find their work challenging, but most still love what they do, the latest LJ/SLJ Survey shows.

Kara Yorio, Sep 08, 2022
In the past year, school librarians have faced coordinated, hate-filled censorship campaigns that impact available books and collection development decisions. Here, they share their stories.

SLJ Reviews, Jul 08, 2024
This year has gone above and beyond with its middle grade offerings! From powerful historical fiction to hilarious magical mayhem, this list features our top titles so far.

SLJ Reviews, Jun 21, 2024
Two picture books take on the magic of trees springing up from mere seeds in stories with redemptive themes as well as teaching moments.

SLJ Reviews, Jul 02, 2024
A new thriller from Joelle Wellington, a nonfiction title from Paula Yoo, and an illustrated poem from Ada Limón are of note among this month's stars. Along with poetry, board books and audio are also featured this month.

SLJ Reviewers and NCTE, Apr 17, 2024
In our last round of reviews of banned classics, SLJ and NCTE cover two of Jane Austen's works, the timely Fahrenheit 451, and the heartbreaking I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

SLJ Reviews, Jul 03, 2024
From miniature biographies of icons Selena and El Chavo to more adventures about Juana Martinez-Neal's beloved Alma, these board books will put smiles on little ones' faces.

Chance Lee Joyner, Jul 10, 2024
From multiplayer matches to couch co-op adventures, sometimes two (or more) heads are better than one. Here are six multiplayer video games to add to your collection for building community in the library and at home.

SLJ Reviews, Jun 24, 2024
As the world prepares for the 2024 Summer Paralympic Games, here are a few nonfiction titles about the Games and some of the inspiring athletes who have competed in them.

From magical school fantasies to hilarious sibling stories, these 13 selections will keep middle schoolers turning pages during summer break. Complete with graphic novels, biographies, and poetry, this list has something for every tween.

SLJ Reviews, Jun 25, 2024
This print reference roundup features nonfiction titles for all ages, including a bird guide for kids, a volume on censorship, two research-ready tomes on women's history, and the ultimate bugopedia.

SLJ Staff, Jun 17, 2024
As we find ourselves at the midway point of June, amidst the celebrations of Pride Month, it's an opportune time to reflect on the rich tapestry of narratives within the LGBTQIA+ community with 15 noteworthy graphic novels that can help us celebrate Pride this month, and year-round.

From a TEDx Talk to a manga, these transmedia picks will entice young adults to keep their minds engaged this summer.

Summer Edward, May 17, 2024

Conveying a range of experiences, these stories of family, love, humor, and loss will engage children during Caribbean American Heritage Month and beyond. 

In each of the 41 titles on this year’s United States Board on Books for Young People’s (USBBY) Outstanding International Books list, the authors and ­illustrators empower readers to make sense of themselves and the world at large. Download the full list.



SLJ Reviews, May 22, 2024
From wind to wildlife, bring a touch of nature into kids' reading selections with these books about the natural world.

From the Caldecott-winning Big by Vashti Harrison to a bilingual counting book in Mi’kmaw and English, these illustrated works are guaranteed to engage young readers during summer break and all year around.

SLJ Reviews, Jan 23, 2024
January 27 is designated as a day to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Share these stories of resilience and hope about people of various ages, races, nationalities, and more with young readers today and throughout the year.


Rachel Owens, Jun 05, 2024
Stories of children with parents behind bars are as diverse as the millions of real-life kids familiar with the experience. These 19 fiction and nonfiction titles may offer an empathetic, metaphoric hand for young readers to hold.

SLJ Reviews, Apr 10, 2024
These YA novels pair a lyrical verse format with engaging narratives of teen girls coming of age.

Brigid Alverson, May 21, 2024
From a fire-breathing corgi to bunnies with wings, characters in these fantasy titles for elementary and middle school readers hold strong appeal.  

SLJ Staff, May 17, 2024
National Book Award winner A First Time For Everything by Dan Santat and  Sunshine by Jarrett J. Krosoczka are among the many children's literature titles nominated for the 2024 Eisner Awards.

Brigid Alverson, Apr 11, 2024
Teamwork, competition, and the glory of team sports drive these graphic novel stories for elementary through high school readers.

Brigid Alverson, Jan 31, 2024
Eight books for elementary through high school readers center issues of democracy with engaging examples and stories.

From stunning memoirs to sustainability guides, this year’s Best Graphic Novels list features 25 unforgettable works that take comics to new heights.

Co-authors Kekla Magoon & Cynthia Leitich Smith in conversation about the inspiration behind The Blue Stars Series: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem: "When we set out to write a middle grade graphic novel series about cousins who became superheroes to save their school library, we couldn't have imagined how timely our story would become."

Lori Henderson, Apr 29, 2024
Check out this week's list of new comics, manga, and graphic novels for readers 12 and under, featuring Unhappy Camper from Harper Alley and Dr. Seuss Cat Out Of Water from Random House Graphic.
Brigid Alverson, Apr 11, 2024
Teamwork, competition, and the glory of team sports drive these graphic novel stories for elementary through high school readers.

Witches, orphans, gods, and some ordinary folks populate these compelling stories for grades 5 and up.

Brigid Alverson, Oct 04, 2023
In these seven manga works for grades five and up, affable characters cast gentle spells.

Johanna, Dec 21, 2023
Here's a look at some recently signed graphic novel deals—and what we can expect coming up!
Renee Scott, Dec 20, 2023
An OBGYN and an idol pop star find their lives intertwined in a bizarre way in this hit series.
Jess DeCourcy Hinds, Sep 12, 2023
These picture books and graphic novels for elementary students through high schoolers show the power of illustration to convey complex emotions.

Kathy Ishizuka, Oct 15, 2023
The editors are planning for 2024, SLJ's 70th anniversary year.

Kathy Ishizuka, Jun 03, 2024
Can exposure in popular media make a difference? Given the sheer reach of these shows, it’s hard to imagine they haven’t raised awareness of libraries and the larger stakes currently at play. 

Daryl Grabarek, May 06, 2024
Daniel Bernstrom, Carole Boston Weatherford, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Kekla Magoon, Scott Reintgen, and others share stories about educators who played an important role in their lives.

SLJ staff, May 31, 2024
 On “The Cover-Up: Under Pressure, Some School Librarians Alter Illustrations to Avoid Book Challenges,” readers had a lot to say.

Kathy Ishizuka, May 10, 2024
To fathom the defacing of images in children’s books, one almost has to process it in stages, beginning with incredulity. The issue, however, is no joke, and librarians are feeling the pressure. In our reporting, the frequency of instances involving the altering of material by school librarians was such that we elevated this to a cover story.


Karen Jensen, MLS, Jul 11, 2024
Some fun Reader's Advisory inspired by the children's game Guess Who with special thanks to librarian Melissa Corey
Amanda MacGregor, Jul 08, 2024
Life takes its own twists and turns, whatever the magic of the library intends. But the love of fantasy and writing and books ran deep, deep, deep. The power of the library would not be denied in the end.
SLJ Staff, May 30, 2024
 They are a community’s soul, “cathedrals to who we should be as a society,” and so much more. 

Kathy Ishizuka, Apr 16, 2024
Gen A is plugged in and opinionated, as marketers attempt to keep pace. Librarians stay right with young users, knowing that's all a part of the job.

Betsy Bird, Jun 27, 2024
Amy Hest and Erin E. Stead talk up their latest title and how they're "still on the kids' side" when it comes to creating their books.
Kara Yorio, Jun 06, 2024
The 2024 Margaret A. Edwards Award winner talks about hope, collaboration, and the school librarian who changed his life. 

Kathy Ishizuka, Mar 23, 2024
The U.S. ranks second in the world for the most ­Spanish speakers, after Mexico. With shortages of bilingual teachers reported nationwide, librarians and publishers consider meeting an acute need.

Kathy Ishizuka, Mar 11, 2024
“Reasons to Love ­Libraries” is a yearlong editorial project and campaign to engage the public in reflecting on libraries to reveal their impact on people and communities.


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