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Bigger and better is the motto behind most of the featured machinery and technology titles this season.

1611-sms-scitechBe it a sleek sports car or a souped-up chopper, a hardworking bulldozer or an interstellar probe, transportation vehicles have helped travelers get from one place to the next faster than ever imagined and have made many jobs as effortless as pushing a lever. As each year passes, technology advances, designs improve, and cars become even faster and jobs more effortless. With a nod to the past and an emphasis on the present and future, this season’s slate of science books embrace the marriage of technology and transportation, especially those innovations that are on the cusp of something big. Students who enjoy these subjects or are just curious about the direction the sciences are heading won’t be disappointed as they encounter compelling information, eye-catching visuals, and enjoyable reading experiences in these 15 series. There’s something here for everyone, from toddlers to seasoned teens.


Arnold, Quinn M. Antonov An-225 Mriya. ISBN 9781608187119; ISBN 9781628323078; ISBN 9781566607476.

––––. Krupp Digging Machine. ISBN 9781608187133; ISBN 9781628323092; ISBN 9781566607490.

––––. Mil Mi-26. ISBN 9781608187140; ISBN 9781628323108; ISBN 9781566607506.

––––. Nimitz Aircraft Carrier. ISBN 9781608187126; ISBN 9781628323085; ISBN 9781566607483.

––––. Oasis of the Seas. ISBN 9781608187157; ISBN 9781628323115; ISBN 9781566607513.

––––. Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60. ISBN 9781608187164; ISBN 9781628323122; ISBN 9781566607520.

ea vol: 24p. (Now That’s Big!). chart. diag. glossary. index. photos. websites. Creative Education. Sept. 2016. lib. ed. $19.95. pap. $8.99. ebk. $28.50.

K-Gr 3 –Readers of all ages will find themselves saying “Wow!” when reading about the vehicles and machines spotlighted in this attention-getting set of books. From the largest cruise liner in the world to the biggest carrier plane ever built, the subjects are fascinating, and audience members will learn about each one’s size, speed, and purpose. It’s the photos, however, that really drive home the information as they illustrate the sheer enormity in a visually indisputable way. Yes, the Antonov An-225 Mriya plane is big, but when readers see the photo of the people standing on the runway near it, its size becomes much more concrete. Similarly, the inclusion of a clever chart consisting of large objects in silhouette alongside the focal vehicle or building is helpful for visual learners; the figure of a typical first grader among the items included provides readers a more personal look at just how enormous these things are. VERDICT An outstanding addition to school and public library collections.

Barger, Jeff. Go-Karts. ISBN 9781 681916859; ISBN 9781681917863; ISBN 9781681918853.

Hunter, Charlotte. Cotton Candy Machines. ISBN 9781681916873; ISBN 9781681917887; ISBN 9781681918877.

––––. Windmills. ISBN 9781681916880; ISBN 9781681917894; ISBN 9781 681918884.

Mangor, Jodie. Drones. ISBN 9781681916866; ISBN 9781681917870; ISBN 9781681918860.

McKenzie, Precious. Roller Coasters. ISBN 9781681916842; ISBN 9781681917856; ISBN 9781681918846.

––––. Wave Pools. ISBN 9781681916835; ISBN 9781681917849; ISBN 9781 681918839.

ea vol: 24p. (How It Works). diag. glossary. illus. index. photos. websites. Rourke. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $29.95. pap. $8.95. ebk. $29.95.

Gr 1-3 –A solid overview of the mechanics behind each machine. By including such high-interest topics as roller coasters, wave pools, and drones, this latest installment will undoubtedly inspire inquisitive minds to seek out other titles in the series. Advanced scientific concepts, including centrifugal force (Cotton Candy) and aerodynamics (Drones), are simply explained so that readers gain a basic understanding of the processes, engineering, and design without being overwhelmed by details. Interesting tidbits, such as how roller coaster designer Ron Toomer never rode any of his creations due to his severe motion sickness, are sprinkled throughout the text and offer specifics that are fun and memorable. In terms of design, the large black print stands out on crisp, white pages, while full-page photos are attention-grabbing. A photo glossary, complete with pronunciation, reinforces concepts and provides a satisfying conclusion. VERDICT A must for all children’s nonfiction collections.

Bodensteiner, Peter. Choppers. ISBN 9781680720280; ISBN 9781680722581; ISBN 9781680720709.

––––. Formula 1 Cars. ISBN 9781680720297; ISBN 9781680722598; ISBN 9781 680720716.

––––. Indy Cars. ISBN 9781680720310; ISBN 9781680722604; ISBN 9780 716698869.

––––. Sport Bikes. ISBN 9781680720341; ISBN 9781680720730; ISBN 9780 716698838.

––––. Super Cars. ISBN 9781680720365; ISBN 9781680722635; ISBN 9781 680720754.

Colins, Luke. Stock Cars. ISBN 9781680720358; ISBN 9781680722628; ISBN 9781680720747.

ea vol: 32p. (Gearhead Garage). chron. further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Black Rabbit/Bolt. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $31.35. pap. $9.95. ebk. $31.35.

Gr 3-5 –With its slick images, bright color scheme, and straightforward text, this series should appeal to future car lovers. Presenting information clearly and concisely, each book is filled with descriptive passages that note each subject’s history, parts, and future. Facts, such as cost, fastest speed, and miles per gallon, present the audience with finer details that are relevant and, at times, jaw-dropping. For example, a Formula 1 engine can cost more than $7 million. Supplementing informational text such as this are sidebars, time lines, and charts that lend visual interest and bite-sized facts, while the use of blues, oranges, and yellows throughout give each volume a comic book vibe. What really stands out are the vibrant photos of the various cars and motorcycles. Close-up looks at shiny chrome and glossy paint jobs are a visual feast and will have intermediate readers oohing and aahing from one page to the next. VERDICT Recommended for first purchase, especially in libraries where books about transportation vehicles are always checked out.

Clay, Kathryn. Backhoes. ISBN 9781 515725275; ISBN 9781515725329.

––––. Bulldozers. ISBN 9781515725299; ISBN 9781515725343.

––––. Cranes. ISBN 9781515725282; ISBN 9781515725336.

––––. Dump Trucks. ISBN 9781515725268; ISBN 9781515725305.

ea vol: 24p. (Construction Vehicles at Work). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Capstone. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $16.49. pap. $6.95.

PreS-Gr 1 –Young heavy-machinery enthusiasts will want to get their hands on all four books in this engaging introduction to the hardworking vehicles found at construction sites worldwide. Simple four-to-six word sentences convey basic information about each vehicle, including part names and what the machine can do, while the declarative language is clear-cut and consists of words no greater than two syllables. Many of the images set the predominantly orange-yellow vehicles against a bright blue sky and fertile brown dirt, resulting in photos that seemingly jump off the page. With only an occasional single-word caption pointing at its corresponding part on the machine, audience members can immerse themselves in the sumptuous visuals. Additionally, the design incorporates elements from the construction world, such as barricade tape, gravel, and riveted metal, as borders on text pages, creating a more unified and appealing package. VERDICT An all-around winner, this series won’t linger on library shelves for long.

Maimone, S.M. Crop Sprayers. ISBN 9781482445817; ISBN 9781482445886; ISBN 9781482445756.

––––. Cultivators. ISBN 9781482445824; ISBN 9781482445893; ISBN 9781 482445763.

––––. Harvesters. ISBN 9781482445831; ISBN 9781482445916; ISBN 9781482445770.

Weingarten, E. Hay Balers. ISBN 9781482445848; ISBN 9781482445923; ISBN 9781482445787.

––––. Planters. ISBN 9781482445855; ISBN 9781482445947; ISBN 9781482445794.

––––. Tractors. ISBN 9781482445862; ISBN 9781482445954; ISBN 9781482445800.

ea vol: 24p. (Fantastic Farm Machines). glossary. index. photos. websites. Gareth Stevens. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $22.60. pap. $8.15. ebk. $22.60.

Gr 1-3 –Combining informative content with striking images, this set provides readers with a solid introduction to farm machines and the work they perform. Each volume alternates between a page of text and a full-page photo, engaging students’ senses as they actively “read” the abundant images, including a computer-aided design of an intricate Iowa corn maze and a detailed cross section of planted carrots. Earthy browns and lush greens are abundant throughout the series, with the latter serving as the background on the text pages; here, the large black print pops against such a verdant backdrop. Facts abound, such as the weight of a small bale of hay (70 pounds!), while the vividly descriptive language and clear writing style should appeal to students with differing learning and reading skills. VERDICT A strong addition to library and classroom collections.

Meister, Cari. Ambulances. ISBN 9781 620313657; ISBN 9781624964121.

––––. Concrete Mixers. ISBN 9781620313664; ISBN 9781624964138.

––––. Diggers. ISBN 9781620313671; ISBN 9781624964145.

––––. Ice Breakers. ISBN 9781620313688; ISBN 9781624964152.

––––. Snowplows. ISBN 9781620313695; ISBN 9781624964169.

––––. Tugboats. ISBN 9781620313701; ISBN 9781624964176.

ea vol: 24p. (Machines at Work). glossary. index. photos. websites. Jump!/Bullfrog. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $25.65. ebk. $17.95.

PreS-Gr 1 –An introduction for emergent readers to the work performed by machines and vehicles while identifying several noteworthy parts of each. Each simple sentence consists of two to six words on average and is declarative in nature, conveying information concisely yet engagingly; stylistically, the books are written in a very basic form of narrative nonfiction, which enables the audience to connect with the work. Supporting the text are large, vivid images with clear captions encircled in bright colors, giving readers a lot to look at without overwhelming them with too much information. The inclusion of a picture glossary as well as before-and-after reading prompts are additional resources for students that facilitate a better understanding of the material. VERDICT Fun, informative, and digestible, this series will surely be a hit with early readers, especially those interested in heavy machinery.

Pettiford, Rebecca. Green Buildings. ISBN 9781620314012; ISBN 9781624964480.

––––. Hybrid and Electric Cars. ISBN 9781620314029; ISBN 9781624964497.

––––. Recycling. ISBN 9781620314036; ISBN 9781624964503.

––––. Solar Energy. ISBN 9781620314043; ISBN 9781624964510.

––––. Wind Power. ISBN 9781620314050; ISBN 9781624964527.

ea vol: 24p. (Green Planet). charts. glossary. index. photos. websites. Jump!/Pogo. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $25.65. ebk. $17.95.

Gr 2-5 –From wind power to green buildings, the subject matter covered here explores the ways in which technology is being used to address environmental issues. Each book contains three chapters that give readers an overview of the topic, basic concepts, and possibilities for the future, often asking the audience to think critically and consider why or how these things work. The author also goes to great lengths to include the problems associated with these new technologies as well as the benefits, providing a balanced and comprehensive approach. “Did You Know?” sidebars and helpful charts offer more detailed information, while the “Try This!” activity gives students a hands-on understanding of the concepts. The full-page photo spreads are lush and gorgeously shot, even the ones featuring unpleasant images or locations (the landfill in Recycling) and enhance the already solid reading experience. VERDICT A visually appealing series that tackles alternative energy.

VanVoorst, Jenny Fretland. Artificial Satellites. ISBN 9781620314128; ISBN 9781624964596.

––––. Rockets. ISBN 9781620314142; ISBN 9781624964619.

––––. Rovers. ISBN 9781620314159; ISBN 9781624964626.

––––. Space Stations. ISBN 9781620314135; ISBN 9781624964602.

––––. Spacecraft. ISBN 9781620314166; ISBN 9781624964633.

ea vol: 24p. (Space Explorer). glossary. index. photos. websites. Jump!/Pogo. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $25.65. ebk. $17.95.

Gr 2-5 –Brief but filled with insightful details, this set introduces readers to the vehicles that travel through space, collecting data and sending it back to scientists on Earth for analysis. Stunning photos give the audience a comet’s-eye view of not only the various space machines but also of Earth, flipping the perspective from “looking up at the stars” to “looking down at the planet.” Vibrant shades of blues, greens, and whites, such as those found in the satellite image of a Gulf Coast hurricane, are breathtaking (Artificial Satellites), and the up close and personal views of the vehicles allow readers to feel as if they are right next to these amazing pieces of technology. “Did You Know?” sidebars provide additional visual interest and info, while the “Try This!” activity located at the conclusion of each volume gives budding astronauts tangible, real-world applications that reinforce the content. VERDICT Space enthusiasts and students curious about the cosmos will gravitate to this high-interest series.

Middle to High School

Allen, John. What Is the Future of Artificial Intelligence? ISBN 9781682820605; ISBN 9781682820612.

––––. What Is the Future of Nanotechnology? ISBN 9781601529626; ISBN 9781601529633.

Kallen, Stuart. What Is the Future of Drones? ISBN 9781682820629; ISBN 9781682820636.

Marcovitz, Hal. What Is the Future of 3D Printing? ISBN 9781682820667; ISBN 9781682820674.

Mooney, Carla. What Is the Future of Virtual Reality? ISBN 9781682820940; ISBN 9781682820957.

Watson, Stephanie. What Is the Future of Self-Driving Cars? ISBN 9781682820643; ISBN 9781682820650.

ea vol: 80p. (The Future of Technology). chron. further reading. index. notes. photos. websites. ReferencePoint. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $29.95. ebk. $39.95.

Gr 9 Up –Techies will appreciate the comprehensive nature of these text-heavy resources. Beginning with a detailed visual time line charting the evolution of the technology, each volume begins with a brief overview of the subject’s history, then goes into great detail exploring its myriad contemporary uses and its possible future applications. Benefits and risks are addressed in a matter-of-fact tone, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions. The writing effectively balances clarity and detail, avoiding needless complexity and ambiguity when communicating key concepts. Interestingly, the series opts not to highlight key words in bold print but rather places a “Words in Context” sidebar on that page to define the important term. Confident readers won’t mind the scarcity of photos and other images but will relish the thorough list of source notes. VERDICT Libraries with a strong emphasis on research or technology will especially benefit from these welcome additions.

Allman, Toney. Cutting Edge Medical Technology. ISBN 9781682820421; ISBN 9781682820438.

Kallen, Stuart. Cutting Edge Energy Technology. ISBN 9781682820384; ISBN 9781682820391.

––––. Cutting Edge Entertainment Technology. ISBN 9781682820407; ISBN 9781682820414.

Sheen, Barbara. Cutting Edge Military Technology. ISBN 9781682820445; ISBN 9781682820452.

––––. Cutting Edge Transportation Technology. ISBN 9781682820469; ISBN 9781682820476.

Steffens, Bradley. Cutting Edge Internet Technology. ISBN 9781682820902; ISBN 9781682820919.

ea vol: 80p. (Cutting Edge Technology). chron. further reading. index. notes. photos. websites. ReferencePoint. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $29.95. ebk. $39.95.

Gr 9 Up –With its fact-filled, evenhanded analyses of state-of-the-art technologies, this well-written titles covers a wide range of appealing innovations that readers will find of interest, especially such lesser publicized topics as entertainment and Internet technology. Before examining present-day applications and considering future developments, each entry begins with a visual time line highlighting the subject’s significant advancements, providing a frame of reference for students going forward. The dense text is immensely readable despite the intimidating volume of it per page, while the content itself is filled with enough broad information and specific details to maintain reader interest, such as the development of 4-D televisions complete with the ability to stimulate senses other than sight. The few photographs keep the focus on the material. The lack of a glossary is not an inconvenience as the language is clear and concise; unfamiliar terms are defined via adjacent sidebars, rendering the word list unnecessary. VERDICT Intriguing information and thorough research make this series an outstanding choice for most library collections.

Bethea, Nikole Brooks. High-Tech Highways and Super Skyways: The Next 100 Years of Transportation. ISBN 9781491482667.

––––. Power Plays: The Next 100 Years of Energy. ISBN 9781491482674.

Biskup, Agnieszka. Medical Marvels: The Next 100 Years of Medicine. ISBN 9781491482643.

Yomtov, Nel. Sailing the Solar System: The Next 100 Years of Space Exploration. ISBN 9781491482650.

ea vol: illus. by Alan Brown. 32p. (Our World: The Next 100 Years). further reading. glossary. index. websites. Capstone. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $22.90.

Gr 4-7 –Emphasizing how our past is crucial to determining our future, this unique set looks at how technology has changed over the last century and considers how continued technological advancements will affect life on Earth over the course of the next 100 years. Fictionalized futurologist Luna Li, the central character, helps a diverse group of students—and by extension, the audience—think critically about what is likely to continue and what could plausibly change in each volume’s three distinct sections: “Where Have We Been?” “Where Are We Going Next?” and “By the Year 2120.” The graphic format is both entertaining and highly accessible, demystifying potentially complex ideas. While the artwork appears hazy at times, it complements the uncertain nature of futurology. The inclusion of a sidebar at the bottom of some of the pages offers additional noteworthy material without diminishing the primary content. VERDICT Thought provoking and engaging, this standout series would be a solid purchase to introduce readers to this relatively unfamiliar discipline.

Bow, James. 3-D Printers. ISBN 9781482451610; ISBN 9781482451672; ISBN 9781482451559.

––––. Lasers. ISBN 9781482451580; ISBN 9781482451641; ISBN 9781482451528.

Colson, Mary. GMOs. ISBN 9781482451573; ISBN 9781482451634; ISBN 9781482451511.

Spilsbury, Louise. Drones. ISBN 9781 482451566; ISBN 9781482451627; ISBN 9781482451504.

Spilsbury, Louise & Richard Spilsbury. Maglev Trains. ISBN 9781482451597; ISBN 9781482451658; ISBN 9781482451535.

––––. Robotics. ISBN 9781482451603; ISBN 9781482451665; ISBN 9781482451542.

ea vol: 48p. (Cutting-Edge Technology). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Gareth Stevens. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $31.95. pap. $14.05. ebk. $31.95.

Gr 5-8 –For research or for pleasure, these books are an excellent resource for students who are curious about the most innovative and current technology. High-interest points of interest, from 3-D printers to drones, will capture and hold audience attention, not only because of each topic’s novelty but through engaging writing that encourages readers to think critically. Generally alternating between a text-laden page and a full-color photo, the titles explore each subject from concept to reality and impart little-known facts, such as how scientists in 1960 combined neon and helium to create the first gas laser (Lasers), that will undoubtedly help report writers. Geometrically shaped sidebars add even more specifics as well as visual interest, while graphic features encourage students to make connections. VERDICT Rock-solid choices that will update and deepen science and technology collections.

Bow, James. Dawn Probe: A Robot Explores the Dwarf Planet Ceres. ISBN 9781508151258; ISBN 9781508151319; ISBN 9781499422559.

––––. New Horizons: A Robot Explores Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. ISBN 9781508151272; ISBN 9781508151333; ISBN 9781 508151210.

Hardyman, Robyn. Voyager Probes: Robots on an Interstellar Mission. ISBN 9781508151302; ISBN 9781508151364; ISBN 9781508151241.

Royston, Angela. The Cassini Mission: Robots Exploring Saturn and Its Moon Titan. ISBN 9781508151296; ISBN 9781508151357; ISBN 9781508151234.

Snedden, Robert. Rosetta Probe: A Robot’s Mission to Catch a Comet. ISBN 9781508151289; ISBN 9781508151340; ISBN 9781508151227.

Spence, Kelly. Mars Probes: Robots Explore the Red Planet. ISBN 9781508151265; ISBN 9781508151326; ISBN 9781508151203.

ea vol: 32p. (Robots Exploring Space). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. PowerKids. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $26.25. pap. $10. ebk. $26.25.

Gr 5-8 –Students looking for a thorough introduction to NASA’s space exploring robots won’t be disappointed. Text heavy, each volume is chock-full of general and specific information, and while the small print may appear intimidating, the content is easily digestible and includes fun facts, such as how Pluto was no longer considered a planet by the time New Horizons reached it nine years after its launch. “Space First” and “Space Discovery” sidebars appear sporadically throughout each book and supply additional insightful information about the people involved with the missions and quirky details about the robots, including how the probe Curiosity has its own Twitter feed. While there seems to be more artists’ renderings than actual photographs, the quality is top-notch and incredibly realistic. VERDICT Space enthusiasts will gravitate toward this stellar series for report writing and recreational reading.

Diaz, Julio. Tesla. ISBN 9781681917498; ISBN 9781681918501; ISBN 9781681919416.

Grout, Frank. Dodge Charger. ISBN 9781681917481; ISBN 9781681918495; ISBN 9781681919409.

James, Oswald. Ferrari Spider. ISBN 9781681917504; ISBN 9781681918518; ISBN 9781681919423.

Piddock, Charles. Chevy Corvette. ISBN 9781681917450; ISBN 9781681918464; ISBN 9781681919379.

––––. Ford Mustang. ISBN 9781681917474; ISBN 9781681918488; ISBN 9781681919393.

––––. Porsche 911. ISBN 9781681917467; ISBN 9781681918471; ISBN 9781 681919386.

ea vol: 32p. (VROOM! Hot Cars). glossary. index. photos. websites. Rourke. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $32.79. pap. $9.95. ebk. $32.79.

Gr 4-8 –Some of the hottest sports car available today are highlighted in this sleek series, which delivers strong content, impressive details, and eye-popping images to young car fanatics. Within each book, readers learn about the history of the vehicle, how it has developed over time, and what improvements are under consideration going forward. While the coverage “comes standard,” the extras, specifically the sheer amount of car-specific facts, will leave readers impressed. The authors don’t shy away from using proper terminology or from including data such as gas tank size and percentage of sold Ferraris that are red. The gorgeous photos steal the show, though; the striking images are attractive, but they also give readers a driver’s view of the many interior and exterior features that make these cars so special. VERDICT This superb set delves deeper than similar books and will resonate with car buffs and struggling readers. Highly recommended.

Faust, Dan. Flying Robots. ISBN 9781499421699; ISBN 9781499421675; ISBN 9781499421705.

––––. Manufacturing Robots. ISBN 9781499421736; ISBN 9781499421712; ISBN 9781499421743.

––––. Medical Robots. ISBN 9781499421774; ISBN 9781499421750; ISBN 9781499422146.

––––. Military and Police Robots. ISBN 9781499421804; ISBN 9781499421781; ISBN 9781499421811.

––––. Underwater Robots. ISBN 9781499421880; ISBN 9781499421866; ISBN 9781499421897.

Nagelhout, Ryan. Fighting Robots. ISBN 9781499421651; ISBN 9781499421637; ISBN 9781499421668.

––––. Space Robots. ISBN 9781499421835; ISBN 9781499421859; ISBN 9781 499421842.

ea vol: 32p. (Robots and Robotics). chart. chron. diag. glossary. index. photos. websites. PowerKids. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $26.25. pap. $11.75. ebk. $26.25.

Gr 5-8 –This outstanding collection offers readers an intimate look at the fascinating world of robotics. Each entry explains the various functions and facets of these amazing machines in appropriately informative and engrossing passages that burst with details and tech-speak, such as effectors, actuators, and telepresence. Numerous sidebars, shaded in yellows and oranges, appear throughout as do time lines and other helpful charts and diagrams that provide visual interest and valuable data for the reader. The striking photos of completed robots at work and of their internal wires and electronics let readers see just how complex the technology involved is. Images of MIT’s RoboTuna and scenes from the TV show BattleBots show the fun, playful side of these machines and remind the audience of the all-too-important human element involved in each robot’s development. VERDICT This is a first-purchase consideration for school and public libraries, especially those with strong STEM interest.

Black Rabbit’s “Gearhead Garage,” with its attention to detail, stunning photos, and engaging design, is educational eye candy, as readers will most certainly devour every aspect of each book and walk away spouting facts that will impress even the most knowledgeable car fanatic. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe the giant machines in Creative Education’s “Now That’s Big!.” These technological marvels are some of the largest of their kind, and yet they perform as effectively, if not more so, than their smaller counterparts. Readers will enjoy the graphic nonfiction of Capstone’s “Our World: The Next 100 Years” as it takes them on a visual journey that explores the possible directions of future technologies. Once back to the present, they’ll be floored by the jaw-dropping cars in Rourke’s “VROOM! Hot Cars.” Depending upon collection needs, libraries can’t go wrong with the other noted series.

Audrey Sumser, Kent State University at Tuscarawas, New Philadelphia, OH

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