Tricks and Treats: Arts & Crafts - 700 | Series Made Simple Fall 2010

Some of the standards created by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) for a visual-arts curriculum involve not only gaining knowledge and developing technical skills but also understanding art in relation to history and culture. Whether the focus is on music, magic, or cooking, the following series have objectives similar to those standards. Adults shaping lesson plans or trying to find a much-needed activity for a rainy day will find plenty here to ignite children's creative spark.

Preschool - Grade 4

CHARNEY, Steve. Amazing Tricks with Everyday Stuff. ISBN 978-1-4296-4517-1. LC 2010003663. ————. Awesome Coin Tricks. ISBN 978-1-4296-4514-0. LC 2010003662. ————. Cool Card Tricks. ISBN 978-1-4296-4515-7. LC 2009048835. ————. Incredible Tricks at the Dinner Table. ISBN 978-1-4296-4516-4. LC 2010003664. ea vol: 24p. (First Facts: Easy Magic Tricks Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. CIP. Capstone. 2010. PLB $23.99. Gr 1-3—These books deliver on the series name, giving budding magicians a solid place to start, with no-frills tricks simple enough that the photo-illustrated instructions do not exceed two pages for each lesson. There's no extensive materials list, either—all that is needed is a preference to show off with a deck of cards, coins, and other readily available items. Those worried that Incredible Tricks at the Dinner Table will breed bad manners can rest assured that the only food being played with is a single grape. Charney gives tips on interacting with audiences with patter and jokes and, more importantly, encourages a lot of practice to master the various sleights of hand, misdirection, and even tricks that direct young magicians to hide an object up their sleeves. HARBO, Christopher L. Paper Airplanes: Captain Level 4. ISBN 978-1-4296-4744-1. LC 2010001003. ————. Paper Airplanes: Flight School Level 1. ISBN 978-1-4296-4741-0. LC 2010001005. ————. Paper Airplanes: Copilot Level 2. ISBN 978-1-4296-4742-7. LC 2010001004. ————. Paper Airplanes: Pilot Level 3. ISBN 978-1-4296-4743-4. LC 2010001006. ea vol: 32p. (Edge Books: Paper Airplanes Series). diags. photos. further reading. Web sites. CIP. Capstone. 2010. PLB $26.65. Gr 3-5—Using the premise of lessons in a flight school, this series takes paper-plane enthusiasts from basic models in the first level to more complicated projects in the fourth. The standard introduction for all the books, which includes a list of basic materials and an overview of folding instructions and techniques, is followed by spreads of photo-illustrated directions for each plane. The traditional as well as original designs have fun names like "Streaking Eagle," "Lazy Lander," or "Space Bomber." Comments expand upon the planes' characteristics and abilities—when flying the "Warthog," enthusiasts are assured not to "worry about hitting the wall. The Warthog's snub nose can take a beating" (Captain). Along with hints on how to hold the plane for takeoff to maximize its strengths are suggestions on conducting friendly competitions with the finished products. Sure to keep readers busy for hours. LLIMÓS, Anna. Fairy Tale Adventure Crafts. ISBN 978-0-7660-3736-6. LC 2009041477. ————. Haunted House Adventure Crafts. ISBN 978-0-7660-3730-4. LC 2009041462. ————. Medieval Castle Adventure Crafts. ISBN 978-0-7660-3734-2. LC 2009041470. ————. Pirate Ship Adventure Crafts. ISBN 978-0-7660-3728-1. LC 2009041461. ————. Space Adventure Crafts. ISBN 978-0-7660-3732-8. LC 2009041468. ea vol: 32p. (Fun Adventure Crafts Series). illus. photos. further reading. index. Web sites. CIP. Enslow. 2010. PLB $22.60. K-Gr 3—Cardboard, clay, and paper are the main materials for the majority of these projects. Photos paired with step-by-step instructions make the final claymationlike figures of pirates, fairies, and kings, etc., seem easily achievable, but this is deceptive. The pictures do not show the molding, mixing, and sculpting of clay and/or shaping of craft wire that will require more dexterity than small hands have. The lack of measurements and templates (e.g., one instruction directs, "Draw an ogre on cardboard. Cut it out") makes readers draw freehand and figure out the appropriate size and scale on their own. The final pages of each book employ all the crafts in a story and encourage readers to do the same. While some techniques, like making planets from Styrofoam balls, can cross over to school projects, the focus is on fun over fact. SHASKAN, Trisha Speed. Around the World with the Percussion Family! ISBN 978-1-4048-6044-5. LC 2010001094. ————. The Brass Family on Parade! ISBN 978-1-4048-6041-4. LC 2010001087. ————. The Keyboard Family Takes Center Stage! ISBN 978-1-4048-6045-2. LC 2010001088. ————. Opening Night with the Woodwind Family! ISBN 978-1-4048-6042-1. LC 2010001075. ————. The String Family in Harmony! ISBN 978-1-4048-6043-8. LC 2010001095. ea vol: illus. by Meganck, Robert. 24p. (Musical Families Series). illus. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. CIP. Picture Window. 2010. PLB $24.65. K-Gr 2—String, woodwind, keyboard, brass, and percussion instruments get the family treatment through the addition of multi-colored faces and arms on each (a technique that works better with clarinets and saxophones than the floating heads over pianos and drums) and an imagined position within the group. For example, in Keyboard, parents are a harpsichord and electric keyboard, and the children are a piano and a pipe organ. The books explain how members of the same family have different sounds but are played in similar ways. Along with brief overviews about how to play the instruments, sentences like "Max [tuba] burps out loud, low notes. Tiny [trumpet] screams. He can hit the highest notes. Slim's [trombone] sound slides all over the place," (Woodwinds) easily capture the music's tone and/or mood. Useful books for a music-themed story time. TUMINELLY, Nancy. Cool Cake & Cupcake Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-362-7; ISBN 978-1-61758-719-1. LC 2010003287. ————. Cool Creepy Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-363-4; ISBN 978-1-61758-720-7. LC 2010003286. ————. Cool Fruit & Veggie Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-364-1; ISBN 978-1-61758-721-4. LC 2010003285. ————. Cool Holiday Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-365-8; ISBN 978-1-61758-722-1. LC 2010003476. ————. Cool Sandwich Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-366-5; ISBN 978-1-61758-723-8. LC 2010003475. ————. Cool Snack Food Art: Easy Recipes That Make Food Fun to Eat! ISBN 978-1-61613-367-2; ISBN 978-1-61758-724-5. LC 2010003573. ea vol: 32p. (Cool Food Art Series). charts. diags. photos. glossary. index. Web sites. ABDO. 2010. PLB $25.65; ebook $25.65. Gr 3-5—Unlike the "Super Simple Cooking" books (see below), this series assumes a more comfortable footing with cooking and encourages readers to stretch their imaginations beyond the eight dishes offered in each title. Helpful starting points include a page devoted to foods that can be made into facial features: eyes (blueberries on banana slices, grape halves on marshmallows), noses (cantaloupe ball, baby carrot), and mouths (lemon slice, red pepper top). Some of the finished products that evoke the works of Saxton Freymann require paring-knife skills; others involve simply shaping the food and arranging it on the plate or cupcake. All of the projects require adult supervision. Aside from the occasional odd food pairing (a baby carrot over caramel to make the body of a butterfly), the ingredients mesh well to make dishes that will taste as appealing as they look. TUMINELLY, Nancy. Super Simple Breakfasts: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-383-2; ISBN 978-1-61758-848-8. LC 2009053114. ————. Super Simple Desserts: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-384-9; ISBN 978-1-61758-849-5. LC 2009053189. ————. Super Simple Dinners: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-385-6; ISBN 978-1-61758-850-1. LC 2009053112. ————. Super Simple Holiday Treats: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-386-3; ISBN 978-1-61758-851-8. LC 2009053189. ————. Super Simple Lunches: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-387-0; ISBN 978-1-61758-852-5. LC 2009053192. ————. Super Simple Snacks: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids. ISBN 978-1-61613-388-7; ISBN 978-1-61758-853-2. LC 2009053190. ea vol: 32p. (Super Simple Cooking Series). illus. photos. glossary. CIP. ABDO. 2010. PLB $25.65; ebook $25.65. Gr 1-3—Asserting that "cooking teaches you about food, measuring, and following directions" (Breakfasts), these titles provide solid foundations, familiarizing children with the kitchen before featuring the recipes. Each introduction has an overview of cooking basics, safety tips, and how to use the microwave, framing a picture of a child cooking with an adult "helper." Measuring tips and equivalents follow, along with pictures of cooking terms and kitchen tools, and then an ingredients list for the dishes (nine in each book). True to the "no-bake" criteria, the only heat involved comes from a microwave, making the majority of the food vegetarian by default. Sweets are made by melting chocolate and/or chilling and the holiday treats are more evocative than traditional. While there are no knock-‘em-out-of-the-park dishes here, the books will get kids comfortable with cooking.

Grades 5 and Up

EINHORN, Nicholas. Close-Up Magic. ISBN 978-1-4358-9453-2. LC 2010010091. ————. Stand-Up Magic and Optical Illusions. ISBN 978-1-4358-9452-5. LC 2010010113. ————. Stunts, Puzzles, and Stage Illusions. ISBN 978-1-4358-9454-9. LC 2010010093. ea vol: 64p. (Inside Magic Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. CIP. Rosen Central. 2010. PLB $30.60. Gr 5-8—Given the more than 40 tricks in each of these books, serious young magicians will be well on their way to adding some impressive skills to their repertoire. Photo illustrations show not only what the audience sees during each step of the trick, but also "Secret View" pictures that are for the magician's eyes only. The standard card, coin, and magic tricks abound, along with disappearing acts and optical illusions. The inclusion of the latter is justified by the assertion that "besides knowing the secrets, a good magician needs to appreciate how our minds can play tricks on us, and the section on optical illusions shows how we can be made to see things in different ways" (Stand Up). This more sophisticated approach, combined with acknowledgements of the tricks' originators, and the professional organizations listed in the further-reading sections add weight to the books. These features and the instruction-manual format featuring an adult showing the tricks make the series suitable for those who already have a high interest in the subject. EJAZ, Khadija. Recipe and Craft Guide to India. map. ISBN 978-1-5481-5938-4. LC 2010008950. LAROCHE, Amelia. Recipe and Craft Guide to France. illus. reprods. ISBN 978-1-5481-5936-0. LC 2010008949. MATTERN, Joanne. Recipe and Craft Guide to China. chart. map. reprods. ISBN 978-1-5481-5937-7. LC 2010009242. MOFFORD, Juliet Haines. Recipe and Craft Guide to Japan. illus. map. ISBN 978-1-5481-5933-9. LC 2010008951. ————. Recipe and Craft Guide to the Caribbean. illus. map. ISBN 978-1-5481-5935-3. LC 2010009240. REUSSER, Kayleen. Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia. illus. map. ISBN 978-1-5481-5934-6. LC 2010009243. ea vol: 64p. (World Crafts and Recipes Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. Mitchell Lane. 2010. PLB $33.95. Gr 4-8—This series captures the essence of the various countries, even noting the authors' personal connections with the places. The format varies from book to book. Some provide crafts and recipes in separate sections while others, Japanfor example, list thematically similar recipes and crafts together. France, India, and Japan provide more context than the other books, using craft projects to represent historical eras and holidays. These books provide plenty of ideas for adding tasty treats and impressive visual aids to cultural reports or presentations. FISHKIN, Rebecca Love. Dance: A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art. reprods. ISBN 978-0-7565-4363-1. LC 2010012605. ————. Singing: A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art. diag. illus. ISBN 978-0-7565-4362-4. LC 2010012607. SKOG, Jason. Acting: A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art. diag. illus. ISBN 978-0-7565-4364-8. LC 2010012604. ————. Screenwriting: A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art. diag. illus. ISBN 978-0-7565-4365-5. LC 2010012606. ea vol: 48p. (The Performing Arts Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. CIP. Compass Point. 2010. PLB $28.65. Gr 5-9—Meant for students contemplating a career in the field, these books go beyond basic introductions and into more detail about what it takes to make it as a professional. While the writers acknowledge that there are many ways to break into the prospective industries, each book places an importance on formal training such as dance or writing classes, as well what to expect and ask from teachers. Also of value is information on navigating the audition process, advice from professionals, an overview of musical and theatrical genres, and specific exercises, e.g., stretches to do before dancing, breathing techniques, and writing a character sketch. The authors maintain a frank, realistic tone, stressing the importance of hard work and dedication. Great resources for those wanting to make their passions more than just a hobby. LANDAU, Elaine. Are the Drums for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5426-0. ISBN 978-0-7613-6271-5. LC 2009048971. ————. Is Singing for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5427-7. ISBN 978-0-7613-6277-7. LC 2009052350. ————. Is the Clarinet for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5421-5. ISBN 978-0-7613-6270-8. LC 2009049495. ————. Is the Flute for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5420-8. ISBN 978-0-7613-6272-2. LC 2009048970. ————. Is the Guitar for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5424-6. ISBN 978-0-7613-6273-9. LC 2009048750. ————. Is the Saxophone for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5425-3. ISBN 978-0-7613-6274-6. LC 2009048969. ————. Is the Trumpet for You? reprods. ISBN 978-0-7613-5422-2. ISBN 978-0-7613-6275-3. LC 2009048280. ————. Is the Violin for You? ISBN 978-0-7613-5423-9. ISBN 978-0-7613-6276-0. LC 2009045609. ea vol: 40p. (Ready to Make Music Series). diag. photos. bibliog. further reading. glossary. index. notes. Web sites. Lerner. 2010. PLB $27.93; ebook $20.95. Gr 4-6—Landau covers all the bases so that prospective musicians have the information they need to confidently answer each title's question. Standard components throughout include breakdowns of the origins, parts, and musical genres associated with the instruments. Also sprinkled in are stories about how some famous musicians got started (e.g., Jimi Hedrix and Taylor Swift in Guitar) alongside advice from other professionals regarding everything from practicing to getting through performance mishaps. Kids thinking about taking up an instrument will find the books helpful in their decision-making process. RAU, Dana Meachen. Become an Explorer: Make and Use a Compass. diags. reprods. ISBN 978-1-59953-383-4. LC 2010010359. ————.Get Connected: Make a Friendship Bracelet. diags. reprods. ISBN 978-1-59953-385-8. LC 2010010404. MOONEY, Carla. Get All Tied Up: Tying Knots. diags. reprods. ISBN 978-1-59953-384-1. LC 2010010403. ————. Light Your Way: Make a Candle. reprods. ISBN 978-1-59953-387-2. LC 2010010399. ————. Starting a Business: Have Fun and Make Money. chart. diag. ISBN 978-1-59953-386-5. LC 2010010405. ea vol: 48p. (Creative Adventure Guides Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. Web sites. CIP. Norwood House. 2010. PLB $25.27. Gr 5-8—It makes sense to have an adventure guide that shows how to make a compass and introduces the sport of orienteering, or focuses on the history of nautical knots, with instructions on how to tie them. Starting a business is also an adventure of sorts and justifiably needs a handbook like Mooney's that gives easy-to-follow examples of business plans and budgets or marketing options. However, it takes some imagination-stretching to see how candles and friendship bracelets fit in this series, despite solidly built historic accounts about illumination from ancient Roman times on and the significance of wampum beads to Native Americans. Aside from the 10 knots and other projects shown in All Tied Up, all of these books focus more on facts than on crafts, but the careful directions mean that the finished products have a sizable "wow!" factor. These titles can be used for curriculum support and will also be appreciated by dedicated crafters. TORRES, Laura. Rock Your Party. ISBN 978-1-59566-935-3. LC 2010010668. ————. Rock Your Room. ISBN 978-1-59566-938-4. LC 2010010669. ————. Rock Your School Stuff. ISBN 978-1-59566-936-0. LC 2010010670. ————. Rock Your Wardrobe. ISBN 978-1-59566-937-7. LC 2010010671. ea vol: 32p. (QEB Rock Your... Series). photos. index. CIP. QEB. 2010. PLB $28.50. Gr 4-6—The majority of these crafts require materials such as glitter, flat-back rhinestones, ribbon, or embroidery floss. While Torres encourages the re-use of materials for a Candy-tin Trinket Box and a bag or scarf made from old t-shirts, the necessary trips to the craft store to pick up paint brushes, colored rubber bands (Rubber Band Belt), fabric dye (Tie Dye Socks), and acrylic paint counteract the good intentions. While the books outline some timeless techniques such as how to make a friendship bracelet or cover textbooks, the rest of the superfluous projects are decidedly for those who cannot pass up an opportunity to glue and embellish. The Bottom Line
Students choosing an instrument, developing a passion for writing or the arts, or embarking on a career path will find plenty to help them in Lerner's "Ready to Make Music" and Compass Point's "The Performing Arts." The series that works best for general curriculum support, especially in social studies classes and/or cultural fairs, is Mitchell Lane's "World Crafts and Recipes." Out of the magic, cooking, and other craft books, Capstone's "Edge Books: Paper Airplanes" has the best format for the broadest appeal.

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