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On Middle Grade and the Present Moment, a guest post by Anne Ursu

The Tortured Poets Department Poetry Packs for National Poetry Month and Album Release (April 19)

A Culinary Cabaret: Graphic Novels about Foodies and Cooking, by Angela Frederick

Take Five: Middle Grade Novels in Verse

Now on The Yarn Podcast . . .

Boxes, Bridges, and Isabel in Bloom, a guest post by Mae Respicio

Take Five: New April Middle Grade Novels

Book Review: Just Another Story by Ernesto Saade

Book Review: Timid by Jonathan Todd

The Monsters of AI, a guest post by S. A. Patrick

Uncanny Vibes: Atmospheric Settings in Otherworldly, a guest post by F. T. Lukens

Take Five: Middle Grade Nonfiction

Book Mail: 24 New Books to Check Out

Post-It Note Reviews: 12 Quick Reviews of New Books

Take Five: Middle Grade Fantasy

In and Out the Window, An Interview with Author Jane Yolen

Take Five: Cooking and Baking in Middle Grade Fiction

Writing in the Margins, a guest post by Parisa Akhbari

The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry and the Process of Choosing Character Names, a guest post by Anna Rose Johnson

The Walk of Life, a guest post by Chris Lynch

Peachtree and Peachtree Teen Showcase: April through July 2024

An Open Dialogue: Highlights from ALA-GNCRT’s 2023 Best Graphic Novels for Children List, by Librarian Angela Frederick

Swimming (and Other Things I Know Nothing About), a guest post by Abbey Nash

Take Five: New March Middle Grade Novels

Wednesday Books, Tor Teen, and Flatiron Showcase: May through August 2024

Book Mail: Feral girls, ghosts, period activism, a robot vacuum cleaner, and more!

Getting Kids “Unstuck” As Writers, a guest post by Barbara Dee

Mario, Minecraft, and More! | SLJ’s Video Game Reviews

Now on The Yarn Podcast: Jesús Trejo and PAPÁ’S MAGICAL WATER JUG CLOCK

Take Five: New Middle Grade in February

A Magical Writing Journey, a guest post by Swati Teerdhala

Book Review: Unstuck by Barbara Dee

The 5 People You Meet on Deadline. Spoiler: All of them are you, a guest post by Ellen O’Clover

Book Review: Bunt!: Striking Out on Financial Aid by Ngozi Ukazu, Mad Rupert (Illustrator)

Over on The Yarn Podcast: Ruth Behar

Take Five: Realistic Middle Grade Graphic Novels

Book Review: Freshman Year by Sarah Mai

Exciting New Releases in Middle Grade and Young Adult Literature for 2024: A Must-Read List for Librarians and Educators, a guest post by Amanda Hunt

Romance for Logistical Headaches, a guest post by Edward Underhill

Take Five: Periods in Middle Grade Novels

To All the Queer People throughout History: A Love Letter Wrapped in a Sapphic Heist Fantasy Novel, a guest post by Jamie Pacton

How Hiking 310 Miles Helped Build a Novel—and Taught Me a Few Things About Writing Along the Way, a guest post by Erin Soderberg Downing

Holiday House and Pixel + Ink Showcase: January through June 2024

Take Five: Environmental Issues in Middle Grade Novels

An Author Answers The Question Everyone Asks, a guest post by Fred Bowen

25 Audiobooks for Black History Month and Beyond

Like a Prayer: Complexities of Faith in YA Fiction and Life, a guest post by Annie Cardi

Dory Fantasmagory LIVES on The Yarn Podcast

Take Five: New Middle Grade in January

Post-It Note Reviews: Quick Looks at New Books

Book Mail: Magic face paint, summer school, ghosts, spies, and more!

Take Five: Chronic Illness in Middle Grade Novels

Now on The Yarn podcast: Our 2024 Children’s Literature Preview Episode

My Five Rules for Writing, a guest post by Tom Llewellyn

Take Five: Middle Grade Survival Stories

Book Review: Diary of a Confused Feminist by Kate Weston

YA Challenges in a Middle School Library, a guest post by Amanda Hunt (@thenextgenlibrarian)

Look Back to Go Forward: Our 2023 Year-in-Review Episode of The Yarn Podcast

Take Five: Illustrated Middle Grade Novels

11 Family Music Albums to Swing into the New Year

Themes of History and Self-Discovery in Ghost Roast, a guest post by Shawneé Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs

Being trans isn’t all “queer joy,” a guest post by Naomi Kanakia

Most Anticipated Middle Grade Reads of 2024

Post-It Note Reviews: Orishas, bibliotherapy, wilderness survival, and more!

Most Anticipated Young Adult Reads of 2024

Wednesday Books Showcase: April through July 2024

Book Mail: 38 New Books to Add to Your TBR!

Amanda’s Favorite Post-It Review Reads of 2023

Amanda’s Favorite YA Reads of 2023

Amanda’s Favorite Middle Grade Reads of 2023

Book Review: Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything by Justine Pucella Winans

How MEXIKID Was Made, with Pedro Martín

Book Review: LGBTQIA+ Books for Children and Teens, Second Edition by Kathleen Breitenbach and Liz Deskins

In School Library Journal: The Printz Grows Up: High Points in the History of an Influential Award

Book Review: The Dos and Donuts of Love by Adiba Jaigirdar

Peachtree and Peachtree Teen Showcase: New titles from September 2023 through April 2024

Asexuality and the Rules to Happiness, a guest post by Amanda DeWitt

Post-It Reviews: Six quick reviews of recent graphic novels

Coming Home to the Library, a guest post by Yasmin Rahman

Our 200th Episode of The Yarn Podcast!

Book Review: All the Dead Lie Down by Kyrie McCauley

The Loveboat, Taipei Trilogy’s Finale: Exploring Uncharted Places, a guest post by Abigail Hing Wen

The Weed Tour – A Diary of Travels, a guest post by Caitlin Donohue

Intergenerational contact and queer YA, a guest post by Hal Schrieve

Now on The Yarn: A True Story by Dashka Slater

In Defense of the “Unlikable” Character, a guest post by Janet Sumner Johnson

I’M SORRY, MOM: How Writing My YA Novel Helped Me Better Understand Her Alcohol Addiction, a guest post by Susan Azim Boyer

Post-It Reviews: Twelve Quick Reviews of Recent Releases

Imperfect Elders: Why I Tell Intergenerational Stories, a guest post by Addie Woolridge

Do Animals Belong in YA Fantasy? A guest post by Hanna C. Howard

Book Review: One in a Million by Claire Lordon

Seizing the Day, or Not, in Middle-Grade Sequels, a guest post by Michael Mann

All the World’s a Stage: Making Theater (and History) Fun for Teens, a guest post by Deborah Hopkinson

Writing a Beloved Real-World Setting into a Novel, a guest post by Zachary Sergi

Grocery Transfiguration, a guest post by Polly Horvath

Finding Myself Through Princess Jasmine, a guest post by Alexandra Monir

Multigenerational Mayhem, a guest post by Shanna Miles

Let’s Get Delicious in Middle Grade, a guest post by Alechia Dow

There’s Magic All Around, You Just Have to Look for It, a guest post by Michelle Barry

Book Review: Gather by Kenneth M. Cadow


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